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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
African American Couple



All of us want to maintain as normal of a life as possible in the midst of this uncertain time. Mental health is essential always, but especially now. Due to being a sole practitioner in a building that doesn't currently ever have more than five people in the office at a time (Our church services have been suspended, small group meetings, and Mother's Day Out are cancelled), I’m going to continue to be available to meet in person, as for many people, getting out of the house might be a mentally healthy thing to continue to do.  Obviously, proceed with caution, particularly if you have a compromised immune system or live with someone who does, or are in another vulnerable category. If you are sick, or live with someone who has been sick, please reschedule your appointment.  I am phasing out telehealth services that were offered over the last several weeks for regular in-office clients.  I have found telehealth to be suitable for continuation for ongoing services, without interruption, during the early stages of the Covid crisis, but it is not a suitable substitute long-term, in my opinion. As Knoxville and Knox County begin to open up shuttered businesses in phases, I will do the same with telehealth. I continue to take all recommended precautions with clients in my office, including regularly cleaning and disinfecting, washing hands frequently, offering hand sanitizer, when needed. I am able to accept touchless payments via Venmo and Apple Pay, but will continue to take payments by check, cash, and card, as always. I will not be wearing a mask, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one in my office, please feel free to do so. Since we keep adequate social distancing and do not have physical contact, I would prefer to keep this as comfortable an environment as possible while still being wise, and want you to be able to see my smiling face (I'm smiling now, you just can't see it!). I look forward to continuing to serve you.




As a practical, solution-focused Marriage and Family Therapist, my treatment approach is to provide support and feedback to help clients resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. With sensitivity and compassion, I help clients find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and issues.

I draw on a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful for each client. I work with each client to help them build on their strengths to identify and achieve life goals.

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I provide counseling from a Christian perspective, which means that my training and practice involve seeking wisdom for myself through prayer, Scripture reading, and an overall dependence on God's leading for those I work with.  Sometimes, I incorporate those things in my direct care with clients, if they so desire.  However, I realize that not everyone comes from the same belief system or faith practice as I do and I am able to respect and show love and compassion to people of all backgrounds.  If you have other questions about my perspective, please feel free to ask me as I strive to be approachable about any concerns you may have.

I love my work and my sincere hope is that you will see that throughout this website.